Listening To The Healers: Psytelligence Psychedelic Therapist Support Survey Report

Introduction: Psychedelic therapy has transformative potential for healing and personal growth. To gain a deeper understanding of the experiences, challenges, and needs of psychedelic therapists, we conducted a formative research survey (n=30) with a diverse group of practitioners. In this article, we will delve into the themes gathered from these therapists, providing a snapshot of […]

Exploring the Consumer Economic Implications of Psychedelic Assisted Therapies

Psychedelic-assisted therapies have experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity over recent years as an innovative treatment option for mental health. A study by Elliot Marseille, Stefano Bertozzi and James G. Kahn entitled, The Economics of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies: A Research Agenda provides us with key insights into the economic dimensions that affect consumers seeking mental health […]

Social Perspectives: Psychedelic Use in Couples Therapy

Overview This report compiles insights from a discussion thread about the use of psychedelics, particularly MDMA, in couples therapy. The conversation reflects a range of personal experiences and perspectives on the effectiveness of psychedelics in addressing relationship dynamics, attachment wounds, and trauma. Key Themes Psychedelics in Deepening Emotional Connections: Subject A as a couples therapist, […]

Social Listening Report: Pursuing a Career in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Overview This report compiles insights from a discussion thread focused on obtaining certification and training for becoming a psychedelic-assisted therapist. The conversation includes a variety of recommendations and personal experiences from individuals at different stages of their career paths in this emerging field. Key Themes Educational Pathways and Clinical Training: Subject A is working towards […]

Therapist Perspectives: Accessing Psychedelic Substances for Mental Health Treatment

Overview This report compiles insights from a discussion thread focused on how individuals have accessed psychedelic substances for treating mental health issues. A total of 14 subjects contributed to the conversation, providing a diverse range of experiences and methods. Key Themes Self-Cultivation of Psychedelics: Subject A shares their experience of learning to grow mushrooms, using […]

Client Preferences in Discovering Psychedelic Therapies

Our recent Psychedelic Therapy Public Opinion Survey offers key insight into how potential clients would like to learn about psychedelic therapy services. Data compiled from 50 individuals with a representative distribution in the US indicates a preference towards both digital and personal communication channels. Online Information and Social Media A significant percentage of the respondents […]

Flexibility and Cost in Psychedelic Therapy

Our Psychedelic Therapy Public Opinion Survey with responses from 50 representative individuals from the US population sheds light on key considerations clients make when accessing psychedelic therapy services: flexibility in scheduling and cost. Flexibility in Scheduling:Sixty per cent of respondents highlighted the significance of flexible scheduling when considering psychedelic therapy services, indicating strong client preference […]

Psychedelic Therapy US Public Opinion Research Report

Introduction: One emerging area of mental health treatments that has generated much discussion and controversy is Psychedelic Therapy. The use of psychedelic substances in therapeutic settings aims to treat various mental health disorders including depression, PTSD and anxiety; yet its acceptance, perception and knowledge remains variable. This report seeks to provide a comprehensive survey of […]

Psytelligence General US Public Ketamine Therapy Awareness and Sentiment Report

Section 1: Introduction  This report provides a detailed analysis of the factors influencing the choice of mental health treatment providers, with a specific focus on ketamine therapy clinics. The findings highlight key determinants that sway patients’ decisions and identify opportunities to tailor marketing strategies to potential patients’ preferences and needs. These insights will serve as […]

The Benefits of Ketamine for Autism

Ketamine, a powerful anesthetic which induces a trance-like state while offering pain relief, sedation, and amnesia, has recently come under scrutiny as potential treatment for autism. This article will review studies which support its efficacy at alleviating negative symptoms associated with autism. Understanding KetamineIn order to fully grasp how ketamine may assist those living with […]

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