Hello—I'm Eric Shumake, and I founded Psytelligence to provide reliable business guidance for psychedelic therapists.

For over two decades, I have lead healthcare product and service development, working with industry leaders like Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Novartis.

 Despite my achievements, I have always struggled with treatment-resistant major depressive disorder, a battle that deepened following COVID-19. As my usual bag of tricks ran out I was becoming desperate.

In this time of deep despair, I discovered psychedelic therapy, which offered profound existential relief and transformed my understanding of healing. This experience reshaped my approach to wellness and renewed my professional purpose.

Inspired by how psychedelic therapy changed my life, I directed my expertise to support those at the forefront of this innovative field.

I founded Psytelligence to empower psychedelic therapists with essential business insights—focusing on legal, regulatory, financial, insurance, and marketing aspects—so you can concentrate on patient care and thrive without the burden of complex business operations.

Psytelligence is more than business guidance; it’s a community where industry experts share crucial expert knowledge to elevate the practice of psychedelic therapy.

Here, we prioritize independence, flexibility, and meaningful patient connections over mere financial success.

We emphasize keeping operations lean, stressing simplicity and effectiveness, allowing therapists the freedom to fully engage with their passion for healing and transformation.

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Leadership experience includes:

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