Tuesday, April 23, 2024


Virtual Reality and Psychedelic Therapy as Revolution in Mental Health Treatment

Mental health treatment is currently undergoing dramatic change as innovative technologies emerge and new approaches come into play. Recently, virtual reality (VR) and psychedelic...

MindMed: Pioneering Next-Generation Mental Health Treatments

Mind Medicine Inc. (MindMed), is a biotechnology company focused on creating innovative mental health treatments. Utilizing psychedelic substances and other novel compounds, MindMed works...


MAPS PBC is now Lykos Therapeutics

San Jose, Calif. - On January 5, 2024, MAPS Public Benefit Corporation - now Lykos Therapeutics - an industry pioneer in mental healthcare innovation,...


Porta Sophia: Protecting Public Domain Innovation in Psychedelic Science

Porta Sophia is playing an invaluable role in protecting public domain and ethical advancement in psychedelic research and innovation, especially as the popularity of psychedelic therapies increases, increasing the potential for overly broad patents that could prevent access to potentially lifesaving treatments. Porta Sophia strives to ensure that psychedelic therapies will eventually be widely accessible by preventing patent holders from sequestering publicly known technologies and practices with overly broad patents. They accomplish this goal through their extensive prior art library and expert prior art services. The Porta Sophia Prior Art Library is an extensively curated repository of over 2,000 pieces of prior art related to over 50 psychedelic compounds. This library draws from patents, journal articles, books, websites, archives and non-traditional sources; new prior art is regularly added weekly. Dr. Amanda Fielding, Executive Director of Porta Sophia states, "Our team of scientific and legal experts carefully curate prior art to highlight current themes in the psychedelic patent landscape, thus enabling us to identify and protect knowledge that should remain open source." This allows them to protect knowledge that should remain part of public domain. Porta Sophia provides expert prior art services to researchers and innovators working within the psychedelic field, such as third-party interventions, patentability analyses and landscape assessments - services which ensure innovations are truly novel and non-obvious.

What Killed Matthew Perry?

Matthew Perry's sudden death and subsequent findings by the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office has caused much debate in medical circles regarding the possible...

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Exploring “Tripless” Psychedelics for Healing

Is an immersive psychedelic experience itself is required for therapeutic benefits? Or do alternative approaches such as "tripless" psychedelics could offer greater healing potential? Discovering...

Psychedelics and The Open Mind: Investigating Correlations

Human cognition remains one of the great mysteries in science. A recent research paper in Scientific Reports v 13 entitled "Alternative Beliefs among Psychedelic...

Breaking News: A recent MAPS study suggests that MDMA-Assisted therapy may be a promising treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

An innovative treatment for those grappling with mild to severe PTSD has been introduced. Research backed by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)...


Maria Sabina: Mazatec Mushroom Shaman who Reconciled Ancient Wisdom with Modern Times

Maria Sabina was born in Huautla de Jimenez, Oaxaca, Mexico and immediately immersed herself into the spiritual and healing traditions of her Mazatec heritage...

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