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Leadership experience includes

Hello—I'm Eric Shumake, founder of Psytelligence. We empower Psychedelic Therapists with reliable business guidance.

Transforming the practice of Psychedelic Therapy from being complex and risky to being simple and safe is at the heart of what we do.

We focus on ensuring that ease, safety, and deep connection with patients lead the way, rather than just financial gains.

Instead of merely asking, “How can I profit from Psychedelic Therapy?”, we are asking: “What kind of safe, accessible, sustainable, and transformative practice can I build?”

Our approach simplifies operations, prioritizes effectiveness, and encourages safety – shifting your practice from challenging to manageable.

Whether you’re working alone or with a team, our goal is clear: Make your practice easier and safer – enabling you to pursue your passion with confidence.


Insights for Psychedelic Therapy Professionals

At Psytelligence, we offer guidance from a team of experts that evolves with the needs of our community.

We focus on the areas you tell us are most vital to the success of your practice:


Legal and Regulatory Guidance: Providing an overview of the essential legal and regulatory frameworks to address the practical aspects of compliance and ethical practice in a changing legal environment.

Finance and Operations: Covering a range of topics – from patient records and accounting systems, to strategic financial management, all aimed at enhancing the economic health of your practice.

Insurance Navigation: Understand the insurance landscape as it pertains to psychedelic therapy, including how to select the best coverage options to protect your practice, and working with your patient’s coverage.

Clients and Marketing: Learn strategies for effectively promoting your practice, crafting a compelling online presence, and easily connecting with your clients.


Policy Expert:

Rebecca Zimmerman, MSW

My passion and life’s work is to end violence against women and children and restore, heal, and empower survivors of relationship abuse, sexual assault, and stalking. Doctoral Candidate at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work and experienced policy committee chair with a regional advocacy coalition. Experience conducting a process evaluation of a statewide housing for crime victims special project. Legislation at all stages including policy analysis and research, the stakeholder process, testifying before committees, advocacy to lawmakers, and mobilizing community partners.

Rebecca Zimmerman, MSW

Finance Expert:

Jeffrey Krepps, LMHCA

Jeff has over 20 years developing healthcare organizations. He is a mental health therapist by training with expertise in organizational design and leadership. He has worked for multiple organizations in the behavioral healthcare space, both as a senior leader and as a consultant. Jeff has served in national, regional and statewide capacities in executive, strategic and operational roles. Jeff takes pride in building teams and community service, He has served on various nonprofit boards and governmental committees. He has personally benefited from both mental health and psychedelic therapies.

Jeffrey Krepps, LMHCA

Legal Expert:

Kimberly Chew, J.D.

Kimberly is a seasoned legal professional with a rich background in biotech research, leveraging her extensive experience to guide clients through the intricate landscape of clinical trials and academic research compliance.

As the co-founder and co-lead of Hush Blackwell’s Psychedelic and Emerging Therapies practice group, Kimberly is particularly inspired by the potential of psychedelic therapeutics to address mental health conditions like PTSD. She skillfully navigates the legal intricacies surrounding these therapies, providing guidance through the clinical trial process at both state and federal levels.

Kimberly Chew, J.D.



The recent Ketamine Provider Survey, which closed on June 1, 2024, conducted by Advaya Health and Wellness with the support of  Psytelligence provides keen  insights into the operational landscape, challenges,

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