Our recent Psychedelic Therapy Public Opinion Survey offers key insight into how potential clients would like to learn about psychedelic therapy services. Data compiled from 50 individuals with a representative distribution in the US indicates a preference towards both digital and personal communication channels.

Online Information and Social Media

A significant percentage of the respondents (about 60%) have expressed a preference for online information sources, underscoring the need for practitioners to maintain accessible websites and blogs offering comprehensive data regarding psychedelic therapy treatments.

Social Media:

Around 50% of n=50 respondents indicated their preference for using social media as their preferred channel, favoring its interactive and community features as a form of information dissemination as well as engagement purposes. Providers could benefit by making use of these platforms not just for information dissemination but also community building and engagement activities.

Personal Consultation as an Essential Touchpoint

While digital communications remain dominant, approximately 40% of n=50 respondents indicated personal consultation as a key communication method, emphasizing its value as an avenue for direct and personalized dialogue to further understanding of therapy services provided.

Integrating Communication Channels

Integrating Digital and Personal Methods:

Integration is key when it comes to successful business practices; this may involve initial engagement through digital platforms followed by extensive in-depth consultations.

Consistency across Platforms:

Delivering a consistent message across all communication channels is essential to creating an enjoyable client experience, whether they interact online or with you directly in-person.

The survey results reveal an overwhelming preference for both digital and personal methods of communicating about psychedelic therapy, so providers should accommodate both modes by offering both comprehensive online content as well as opportunities for personal interaction with potential clients – this will foster trust and engagement within this burgeoning field of psychoactive medication therapy.

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