Our Psychedelic Therapy Public Opinion Survey with responses from 50 representative individuals from the US population sheds light on key considerations clients make when accessing psychedelic therapy services: flexibility in scheduling and cost.

Flexibility in Scheduling:
Sixty per cent of respondents highlighted the significance of flexible scheduling when considering psychedelic therapy services, indicating strong client preference for therapy sessions that can be tailored specifically to individual schedules, thus suggesting the necessity of offering various scheduling options and online booking systems for easier scheduling.

Key Financial Considerations:

Half of respondents in our study identified cost as one of their primary decision-making criteria for psychedelic therapy services. This indicates a need for transparent pricing strategies where clients are clearly informed about all associated fees including any potential extra charges that might apply.

Insurance Coverage:

Nearly 40 of n=50 respondents indicated their priority being of great importance when selecting their psychedelic therapy services, with many preferring those covered by their insurer or with clear rules regarding claims management and payment procedures.

The survey results emphasized the significance of flexibility and transparency when scheduling and cost are considerations for individuals pursuing psychedelic therapy. Service providers should pay careful attention to client preferences by offering flexible scheduling options and transparent, upfront information regarding costs and insurance coverage – by doing this they can make psychedelic therapy more accessible and appealing across an even broader clientele base.

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