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Therapist Perspectives: Accessing Psychedelic Substances for Mental Health Treatment


This report compiles insights from a discussion thread focused on how individuals have accessed psychedelic substances for treating mental health issues. A total of 14 subjects contributed to the conversation, providing a diverse range of experiences and methods.

Key Themes

Self-Cultivation of Psychedelics:

Subject A shares their experience of learning to grow mushrooms, using resources like Reddit and YouTube. They note the positive impact this had on their mental health, reducing the need for prescribed medications.

Subject B and Subject C also discuss mushroom cultivation as a rewarding hobby, recommending online resources and communities for guidance.

Therapist Referrals and Networked Access:

Subject D found access to psychedelic therapy through a trauma-informed therapist who networked with peers. They note the therapeutic efficacy of psilocybin in their treatment.

Purchasing from Local Sources:

Subject E mentions buying psychedelics from a local shaman in a park known for such transactions.

Online Purchases and Dark Web:

Subject F discusses buying substances online in Canada and the necessity of testing substances before use.

Subject G talks about ordering spores and other materials for growing psychedelics at home.

Subject H recommends dark web sources for accessing psychedelics, with a focus on safe and discreet practices.

Community and Support Groups:

Subject I describes finding supportive psychedelic groups on and attending meetings to connect with like-minded individuals and gain insights.

Telemedicine and Prescription Access:

Subject J discusses the availability of prescribed ketamine through telemedicine services.

Travel to Access Legal Substances:

Subject K suggests traveling to places where psychedelics are more legally accessible, such as certain U.S. states or countries like Peru.

Personal Connections and Social Networks:

Subject L credits friends who sell or share psychedelics as an easy source.

Relocation for Access:

Subject M advocates moving to areas where psychedelic substances are more readily available and shared within communities.

Legal and Semi-Legal Methods:

Subject N discusses legal and semi-legal methods for obtaining psychedelics, including growing mushrooms and purchasing Salvia Divinorum or San Pedro cactus.

Implications for Mental Health Treatment

  • Educate on Safe Access: Provide information on safe and legal ways to access psychedelic substances, emphasizing the importance of testing and responsible use.
  • Support Self-Cultivation: Encourage individuals to explore self-cultivation of psychedelics like mushrooms, offering resources and guidance for safe practices.
  • Therapist Networking: Suggest that individuals seeking psychedelic therapy network with therapists or join therapy-oriented groups to find referrals.
  • Community Engagement:

Advocate for participation in local or online communities, such as Meetup groups, to connect with others who have similar interests and experiences in psychedelic therapy.

  • Consider Legal Implications: Remind individuals of the legal status of psychedelic substances in their region and the importance of adhering to local laws and regulations.
  • Explore Telemedicine Options: Inform about telemedicine services that might offer legal access to substances like ketamine for therapeutic use.
  • Understand Diverse Access Channels: Acknowledge the variety of ways people obtain psychedelics, from personal networks to traveling to regions with more permissive laws.


The discussion thread reveals a wide range of methods individuals have used to access psychedelic substances for mental health treatment. From self-cultivation to therapist referrals and community connections, these insights highlight the creative and varied approaches people take. It’s important for those interested in psychedelic therapy to be informed about the safety, legality, and ethical considerations involved in accessing these substances.

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