Enthea: Pioneering Psychedelic Therapy in Workplace Healthcare

Enthea, a pioneering third-party administrator (TPA) of health insurance plans, has positioned itself as a key player in the evolving landscape of mental healthcare in the workplace, particularly through its innovative approach to Ketamine-Assisted Therapy (KAT). This comprehensive analysis delves into Enthea’s strategic market positioning, its unique business model, and the broader impact it’s making […]

What Killed Matthew Perry?

Matthew Perry’s sudden death and subsequent findings by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office has caused much debate in medical circles regarding the possible role of ketamine in his passing. Dr. Zaid Fadul, an addiction medicine expert and Chief Medical Officer of leading ketamine therapy provider BetterU, during a recent interview with TMZ refuted the […]

Sam Mandel and Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles – Revolutionizing Mental Health Treatment

Los Angeles, known for its vibrant culture and forward-thinking initiatives, is also a leader in mental healthcare. Ketamine therapy has emerged as an innovative treatment approach; leading this revolution in Los Angeles is Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles (KCLA) under Cofounder and CEO Sam Mandel’s oversight. Sam Mandel is widely respected for his in-depth understanding of […]

Blossom: A Model of Interconnected Knowledge in Psychedelic Research

The field of psychedelic research, while not entirely new, is seeing a resurgence in both interest and credibility. As researchers, medical professionals, and the general public become increasingly open to the potential benefits of psychedelics, the need for a reliable source of aggregated information becomes paramount. Blossom, with its commitment to interconnected knowledge, stands out […]

Derek Du Chesne: A Journey to Mental Health Advocacy

From captivating audiences on screen to leading vital shifts in mental health, Derek Du Chesne’s story is a testament to the power of transformation and determination. Derek Du Chesne has never been one to stay confined to a single path. Starting his career under the bright Hollywood lights, he shared the screen with legends such […]

Psychedelic Therapy US Public Opinion Research Report

Introduction: One emerging area of mental health treatments that has generated much discussion and controversy is Psychedelic Therapy. The use of psychedelic substances in therapeutic settings aims to treat various mental health disorders including depression, PTSD and anxiety; yet its acceptance, perception and knowledge remains variable. This report seeks to provide a comprehensive survey of […]

Saint Ketamine: The Beneficial Effects of Ketamine on Mental Health

Saint Ketamine: The Beneficial Effects of Ketamine on Mental Health – offers readers an unforgettable journey into mental health and its intersection with ketamine’s remarkable therapeutic potential. Beginning with an eye-opening prologue, readers are promised an exciting voyage that promises to reveal all its untapped advantages. The book begins by exploring the author’s personal connection […]

Psytelligence General US Public Ketamine Therapy Awareness and Sentiment Report

Section 1: Introduction  This report provides a detailed analysis of the factors influencing the choice of mental health treatment providers, with a specific focus on ketamine therapy clinics. The findings highlight key determinants that sway patients’ decisions and identify opportunities to tailor marketing strategies to potential patients’ preferences and needs. These insights will serve as […]

Psychedelics for Everyone: An Exploration into Psychedelic Therapy with Matt Zemon

Mental health treatments and medications have greatly advanced, leading to an array of solutions that have greatly increased global mental wellbeing. Yet one potential therapeutic methodology has largely been disregarded and stigmatized by much of Western society – that of psychedelics. Matt Zemon’s best-selling book “Psychedelics for Everyone” takes us on an exploration into consciousness-altering […]

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