Mental health has become a focus of societal attention, given the opioid crisis and increasing prevalence of mental disorders. A myriad of companies are exploring solutions to fill the treatment gaps. Psycheceutical, Inc. is one of these entities, employing novel technologies aimed at rethinking the application of psychedelics in medicine.


Based on the belief that psychedelics could provide an alternative approach to traditional psychiatric treatments, Psycheceutical, Inc. is a bioscience company with aspirations of using these compounds in clinical settings. Their ambitions center around an overarching question of whether these substances provide safe, effective, and less addictive treatments for mental health issues.

Before exploring more deeply the specifics of Psycheceutical, Inc. it’s essential to gain an overview of its wider industry context. Biotech firms, pharmaceutical giants and smaller startups all are investigating different approaches for treating mental health disorders ranging from new formulations of existing medications through to completely novel approaches like that taken by Psycheceutical Inc. Psychedelic-focused strategies are just one such avenue being explored within this industry space.



NeuroDirect(tm), developed by Psycheceutical, Inc, is a proprietary topical delivery system intended to target neural tissues directly for medication administration by bypassing traditional systemic circulation and the blood-brain barrier. Although clinical trials for NeuroDirect(tm) have begun, FDA approval remains an open question at this time.

Systemic Janus Particles

Janus particles are another delivery mechanism being researched at Systemic Health International, intended to deliver multiple active compounds directly to the brain. While its concept is intriguing, further data must be accumulated before any definitive statements can be made on its safety and efficacy.

Clinical Research

Psycheceutical, Inc. has initiated two clinical trials: one focusing on NeuroDirect™ ketamine topical for PTSD treatment and another targeting addiction. The results of these trials are pending, and they form a crucial part of the company’s efforts to validate its technology platforms.

Regulatory Hurdles

As with any biotech company working in a controversial or novel area, Psycheceutical, Inc. faces regulatory challenges. Psychedelics are still classified as Schedule I substances by the DEA, which complicates research and clinical trials. While the company navigates these legal hurdles, it’s imperative for investors and stakeholders to understand the associated risks.


Chad Harman, Chief Executive Officer

Chad Harman’s 25-year career spans both the cannabis and health insurance sectors. His roles have included a variety of executive positions, encompassing operations, manufacturing, finance, and product development. However, it’s worth noting that while Harman brings broad experience, the company he leads is entering a still-emerging market with its own set of unique challenges.

Dr. Anish Tuteja, Chief Science Officer

Dr. Anish Tuteja is an academic, with multiple professorships at the University of Michigan. He holds numerous patents and has made various contributions to the scientific community. While his scientific background is robust, the application of academic research to commercial technology is often fraught with unforeseen difficulties.

Kevin Harrington, Strategic Advisor

Kevin Harrington is widely known for his role on the TV show Shark Tank. His business acumen and experience in product launches are assets to Psycheceutical, Inc. However, it’s essential to consider that Harrington’s previous ventures have not typically been in the biotech space, making his influence on the company’s strategy an area worth watching closely.

Michael Hlavsa, Chief Financial Officer

Michael Hlavsa has an extensive 44-year career in finance and executive roles, with designations including CPA, certified internal auditor, and chartered global management accountant. While his experience is impressive, biotech is a sector with its own set of financial risks and regulations that could pose challenges.

Zappy Zapolin, Strategic Advisor

Zappy rose quickly on Wall Street and later pivoted to psychedelic medicine after success in the internet domain market. Today, he is a prominent voice in the psychedelic industry and co-editor of the investment newsletter Palm Beach Special Opportunities. We are curious to see how his expertise will translate into the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors.

Investor Considerations

Given its focus on a novel treatment area, Psycheceutical, Inc. represents both potential reward and risk for investors. Its patented technologies and ongoing clinical trials indicate a proactive research stance. Yet, the regulatory landscape and unproven nature of its technologies also present considerable uncertainties.

Market Positioning

Psycheceutical, Inc. operates in a market increasingly crowded with biotech startups and pharmaceutical heavyweights alike. For the company to capture a sizable market share, it will need to successfully navigate the minefields of regulatory approval, public perception, and medical efficacy. Given these challenges, the guidance of the executive leadership team is even more critical.

Competitive Analysis

While Psycheceutical, Inc. claims to offer a groundbreaking approach, other companies in the field also tout similar solutions. The competitive landscape is marked by constant innovation, requiring Psycheceutical to not only succeed in its clinical trials but also to outmaneuver competitors.

Intellectual Property

The company has applied for patents surrounding its technology. While a solid intellectual property (IP) portfolio could serve as a competitive advantage, the often lengthy and uncertain nature of the patent approval process could pose challenges.

Social and Ethical Implications

Integrating psychedelics into mainstream medical practice presents many societal and ethical considerations, which must be handled transparently to gain trust of both medical communities as well as general audiences.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Psycheceutical, Inc. appears poised for growth based on the success of its ongoing clinical trials and regulatory approvals. As with any investment in the biotech sector, however, significant risks exist and its future remains unpredictable and is determined by many variables including the performance of the leadership team.


In summary, Psycheceutical, Inc. is a company that sits at the intersection of promise and uncertainty. While its technological advancements and experienced leadership team offer a compelling narrative, the complexity of the biotech sector and regulatory environment both pose significant challenges.

From its promising focus on psychedelic treatments to its complex technology and delivery mechanisms, the company is a microcosm of the broader biotech industry’s possibilities and pitfalls. Its success or failure will be closely tied to the efficacy of its technologies, the strategic acumen of its leadership team, and its ability to navigate the intricate regulatory landscape.

Whether Psycheceutical, Inc. will revolutionize mental health treatment or become another cautionary tale in the volatile biotech landscape remains to be seen. However, one thing is clear: it represents an intriguing prospect for those interested in the nexus of mental health, novel treatments, and corporate strategy. Stay tuned.

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