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Psychedelics for Everyone: An Exploration into Psychedelic Therapy with Matt Zemon

Mental health treatments and medications have greatly advanced, leading to an array of solutions that have greatly increased global mental wellbeing. Yet one potential therapeutic methodology has largely been disregarded and stigmatized by much of Western society – that of psychedelics.

Matt Zemon’s best-selling book “Psychedelics for Everyone” takes us on an exploration into consciousness-altering substances, emphasizing their therapeutic applications and reaching #1 Amazon Best Seller status across 19 categories. His book was an unqualified success with thousands of copies selling.

This book offers an insightful exploration into both Zemon’s personal experiences and psychedelic use. He candidly recounts his own transformation after embarking on a guided psilocybin trip in 2019, which drastically altered his worldview and ultimately lead him away from drugs (except occasional cannabis) to exploring human consciousness using various psychedelic substances, including: Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, Ketamine LSD MDMA DMT 5-MeO-DMT and more.

Zemon was determined to understand the fundamentals of psychedelic psychotherapy, so he returned to academia, earning a Master of Science degree in the Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health. Along the way he attended several conferences, retreats, and insightful conversations with spiritual leaders and medical professionals who frequently use psychedelics as tools for helping people navigate life’s complexities.

Zemon makes clear that psychedelics should not be seen as a panacea to life’s problems; rather, he believes that they have a powerful healing and connecting capacity that transcends personal use of these substances – this interpretation being his interpretation of “Psychedelics for Everyone”.

Zemon was inspired to write his book after realizing the lack of accessible resources on psychedelics for the average person. In his initial research into the field, Zemon found most existing literature too technical or spiritual for an average reader – his book provides scientifically accurate information in an easily accessible format – several chapters have even been reviewed medically so as to give readers a reliable and straightforward guide for exploring this realm.

Zemon’s journey from ordinary individual to accidental psychonaut is an inspiring tale of transformation and exploration. Through exploring psychedelics, a whole world was revealed which changed his path of life while propelling him forward on sharing its insights.

The book has received tremendous acclaim from professionals in its field. Dr. Lynn Marie Morski, President of the Psychedelic Medicine Association, appreciates Zemon’s personal stories as evidence of the healing properties of these substances, while Dr. David Cox of American Board of Professional Psychology commends its balance between descriptive and technical information in its pages.

Frank Ehrenfried, a MAPS-trained psychedelic-assisted psychotherapist, praises this book for its systematic overview of various substances and subthemes. Jesse Gould of Heroic Hearts Project and Army Ranger Veteran believes it offers veterans looking for alternative healing ways an excellent starting point.

“Psychedelics for Everyone”, written by Matt Zemon, distills his personal experiences and extensive research to provide readers with a unique viewpoint and scientifically sound knowledge on these substances. If you’re curious about psychedelic therapy or simply exploring this field, “Psychedelics for Everyone” offers insight.

Learn more here: https://www.mattzemon.com/book

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