Mindbloom, Clearmind Medicine, Psilocybin for Eating Disorders

Mindbloom’s Mastermind Series Launch: Mindbloom, a prominent provider of psychedelic medicine, announced the launch of its Mastermind Series, the first expert-led psychedelic therapy programs aimed at addressing heartbreak, burnout, and other mental health challenges. This series integrates specialized teachings with ketamine therapy to enhance neuroplasticity and promote lasting change. Programs include six ketamine therapy sessions, […]

Psychedelics and The Open Mind: Investigating Correlations

Human cognition remains one of the great mysteries in science. A recent research paper in Scientific Reports v 13 entitled “Alternative Beliefs among Psychedelic Drug Users” explores this area by investigating how psychedelic drugs not only alter mental health but also shape users’ belief systems. Led by Alexander V. Lebedev and a team of distinguished […]

Blossom: A Model of Interconnected Knowledge in Psychedelic Research

The field of psychedelic research, while not entirely new, is seeing a resurgence in both interest and credibility. As researchers, medical professionals, and the general public become increasingly open to the potential benefits of psychedelics, the need for a reliable source of aggregated information becomes paramount. Blossom, with its commitment to interconnected knowledge, stands out […]

Psychedelic Therapy US Public Opinion Research Report

Introduction: One emerging area of mental health treatments that has generated much discussion and controversy is Psychedelic Therapy. The use of psychedelic substances in therapeutic settings aims to treat various mental health disorders including depression, PTSD and anxiety; yet its acceptance, perception and knowledge remains variable. This report seeks to provide a comprehensive survey of […]

California Assembly Approves Bill to Decriminalize Psychotropic Substances

In an unprecedented move, the California State Assembly has given its approval for an innovative bill aimed at decriminalizing certain psychedelic substances. Decriminalizing PsychedelicsSenate Bill 58 proposes decriminalization of small amounts of certain naturally occurring psychedelics such as psilocybin mushrooms, Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), and mescaline. Notably excluded is peyote due to concerns regarding its near-endangered status […]

COMPASS Pathways Announces Major Funding Initiative to Advance Psychedelic Medicine Research

Compass Pathways plc (Nasdaq: CMPS), based in London, has announced significant advances in psychedelic medicine involving psilocybin therapy for mental health conditions. They recently secured $285 million in private funding, with $125 million expected in investments and up to an additional potential of $160 million, as detailed in various announcements by Compass Pathways plc (Nasdaq: […]

Psychedelics for Everyone: An Exploration into Psychedelic Therapy with Matt Zemon

Mental health treatments and medications have greatly advanced, leading to an array of solutions that have greatly increased global mental wellbeing. Yet one potential therapeutic methodology has largely been disregarded and stigmatized by much of Western society – that of psychedelics. Matt Zemon’s best-selling book “Psychedelics for Everyone” takes us on an exploration into consciousness-altering […]

AMA Guidance Recommends FDA Oversight in Psychedelic Therapy: Balancing Innovation with Safety

The American Medical Association’s (AMA) recent guidance encouraging FDA oversight for medicinal psychedelic use could have significant ramifications on this emerging field of therapy. The move highlights the delicate balance between exploring novel treatment avenues and safeguarding patient safety as America grapples with increasing mental health challenges. Psychotropic substances like psilocybin and MDMA, which were […]

Autism and Psychedelics: Exploring A Neurological Crossroads

Psychedelic substances have long been seen as controversial and unexplored areas in medical research, yet in recent years there has been renewed interest in exploring their therapeutic uses. One area of investigation includes autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which entails social communication challenges and repetitive behaviors; although research into this field remains in its infancy, early […]

Timothy Ferriss Is a Maverick Promoter in the Therapeutic Psychedelic Revolution

Timothy Ferriss has made a name for himself as an unconventional entrepreneur who embraces unconventional approaches in pursuit of improving human performance. After upending conventional wisdom with his best-selling books “The 4-Hour Workweek,” “The 4-Hour Body,” and “The 4-Hour Chef,” Ferriss is now turning his pioneering spirit to exploring psychedelics – not as recreational substances […]

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