The Aspen Psychedelic Symposium 2024: Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science

Aspen, Colorado is experiencing something truly incredible as its citizens experience a remarkable revival of one of humanity’s oldest medicines – psychedelics. From May 31st-2024 Aspen’s Wheeler Opera House will host an unprecedented gathering in which ancient psychedelic wisdom meets modern science and clinical research for an incredible experience – the Aspen Psychedelic Symposium. Organized […]

MindMed: Revolution in Anxiety Treatment with MM120 for Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

MindMed’s Phase 2b trial of MM120 in GAD achieved its key secondary endpoint, with 12-week topline data showing clinically and statistically significant durability of activity through Week 12. This showed how quickly clinically significant improvements on the Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAM-A) could occur and be sustained over a 12-week period after single oral administration […]

Discovering Psychedelic Wellness – open:minds EXPO

As mental health and personal well-being concerns have grown increasingly pressing in recent years, the growing awareness of psychedelic wellness as an effective approach to healing and self-discovery has captured public imagination. OPEN:MINDS Expo is an innovative event designed to demystify this complex field through engaging speaker sessions and direct interactions with industry professionals. This […]

Mindbloom, Clearmind Medicine, Psilocybin for Eating Disorders

Mindbloom’s Mastermind Series Launch: Mindbloom, a prominent provider of psychedelic medicine, announced the launch of its Mastermind Series, the first expert-led psychedelic therapy programs aimed at addressing heartbreak, burnout, and other mental health challenges. This series integrates specialized teachings with ketamine therapy to enhance neuroplasticity and promote lasting change. Programs include six ketamine therapy sessions, […]

MAPS Unveils Online Access to Psychedelic Science 2023 through “PS2023: The Virtual Trip”

MAPS, an innovative non-profit dedicated to research and education surrounding the responsible use of psychedelics and marijuana, has taken significant strides toward making transformative knowledge accessible to all with the launch of “PS2023: The Virtual Trip”. Through this innovative initiative, individuals are now able to experience all that the landmark Psychedelic Science 2023 conference – […]

AMA Guidance Recommends FDA Oversight in Psychedelic Therapy: Balancing Innovation with Safety

The American Medical Association’s (AMA) recent guidance encouraging FDA oversight for medicinal psychedelic use could have significant ramifications on this emerging field of therapy. The move highlights the delicate balance between exploring novel treatment avenues and safeguarding patient safety as America grapples with increasing mental health challenges. Psychotropic substances like psilocybin and MDMA, which were […]

Dark Side of the Moon – How Psychedelics Bring Conservatives and Liberals together

Today’s world is marked by a growing political polarization with sharp divisions between political left and political right. Unexpectedly, a common interest in altered states of awareness through the use psychedelic drugs is emerging. It is interesting to note that figures on both sides of this spectrum have expressed interest in these substances, ranging from Joe Rogan, […]

MAPS Psychedelic Science 2023 General Participant Survey

Here is a review all of the responses to our survey questions at MAPS Psychedelic Science 2023 providing themes, insights, and recommendations to emerge within members the psychedelic industry. Here is a comprehensive summary: Themes Insights: Recommendations: Conclusion: Overall, the survey responses demonstrate a vibrant and varied psychedelic industry landscape, revealing passions, challenges, and aspirations […]

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