Sunday, December 10, 2023

MAPS Psychedelic Science 2023 General Participant Survey

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Here is a review all of the responses to our survey questions at MAPS Psychedelic Science 2023 providing themes, insights, and recommendations to emerge within members the psychedelic industry. Here is a comprehensive summary:


  • Industry Involvement: Respondents represent many roles within the psychedelic industry, such as ceremony leaders, providers, educators, therapists and support service providers.
  • Positive Aspects: Many respondents reported feeling satisfied with the current state of their involvement with the industry, noting positive experiences, community building efforts and personal growth as factors they enjoy in participating.
  • Areas for Improvement: According to some respondents, certain aspects could be improved upon including accessing psychedelics, suitability for career use, education funding regulations and public perception.
  • Vision for Success: Respondents’ visions of success vary and may include elements such as decriminalization, availability, reaching more individuals, providing for those less fortunate, contentment, healing centers, community enrichment programs and providing safe affordable access.


  • Rising Interest: Individuals from diverse backgrounds have taken an interest in the psychedelic industry and seek opportunities for both personal and professional growth within it.
  • Education and Awareness: Many respondents highlighted the need for both general public education as well as healthcare professional education on psychedelic use to reduce stigmatism and enhance support.
  • Funding and Marketing Issues: Some respondents express a need for additional funding and enhanced marketing strategies in order to expand their businesses, reach more customers, and create sustainable impacts.
  • Regulation and Legal Considerations: Respondents emphasize the significance of following relevant regulations and legal frameworks to ensure safe integration of psychedelics into various therapeutic and recreational contexts.
  • Community and Collaboration: Fostering strong communities within the psychedelic industry as well as creating mutually beneficial partnerships is seen as essential to its success.


  • Collaborate and Network: Fostering collaboration and networking between individuals and organizations involved with the psychedelic industry is vital for knowledge sharing, resource pooling and increased visibility.
  • Education and Advocacy: Concentrate educational initiatives and advocacy efforts on dispelling any stigma related to psychedelic use while encouraging informed, responsible, and safe practices.
  • Funding Opportunities: When seeking funding opportunities within the psychedelic industry, be mindful of seeking grants or partnerships as these can assist with its expansion and sustainability.
  • Marketing and Outreach: Create effective marketing strategies to reach a broader audience, build brand recognition and promote psychedelic experiences and services to drive value creation and increase sales.
  • Engaging Regulatory Bodies and Policymakers: Partner with regulatory bodies and policymakers in order to influence the creation of regulations that promote safe and responsible use of psychedelics while supporting industry expansion.


Overall, the survey responses demonstrate a vibrant and varied psychedelic industry landscape, revealing passions, challenges, and aspirations among participants. Through collaboration, addressing challenges head-on, and advocating for responsible practices within this sector, individuals and communities alike can continue to benefit.

Study intent:
The intent of this survey was to gather information on participants’ involvement in the psychedelic industry, their perspectives on what works well and what could be improved, and their vision of success.

Definition of Survey Cohort:
For this survey, the cohort includes individuals who attended MAPS 2023 Psychedelic Science conference. They represent professionals, researchers, practitioners, advocates, and enthusiasts within the psychedelic community.

Survey Methodology:
At MAPS 2023 Psychedelic Science conference, n=63 participants responded to a survey questionnaire distributed directly at the conference venue.

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