MAPS, an innovative non-profit dedicated to research and education surrounding the responsible use of psychedelics and marijuana, has taken significant strides toward making transformative knowledge accessible to all with the launch of “PS2023: The Virtual Trip”. Through this innovative initiative, individuals are now able to experience all that the landmark Psychedelic Science 2023 conference – which was the largest of its kind ever – has to offer virtually.

Held in Denver, Colorado, this landmark conference brought together experts, scholars, and enthusiasts from varying fields to explore the complex realm of psychedelics. The event resonated with medical community professionals, mystical seekers, marginalized communities, as well as mainstream audiences – creating a bridge across diverse perspectives on psychedelics.

An innovative online platform is providing access to recorded sessions from the Psychedelic Science 2023 conference, covering topics ranging from medical breakthroughs and mystical experiences, policy, culture and business aspects of psychedelics. A rolling release schedule ensures a steady stream of engaging content. Over the coming months nearly 300 recorded sessions will gradually be released, providing a constant source of engaging material.

What sets “PS2023: The Virtual Trip” apart is its “pay what you can” model, designed to reduce financial barriers to accessing valuable information. This inclusive approach ensures that individuals from all walks of life can participate in this transformative experience without financial limitations limiting participation. MAPS’ commitment to fostering an atmosphere of shared knowledge and understanding aligns perfectly with this initiative.

“PS2023: The Virtual Trip” offers more than passive learning; it also invites us to embark on an explorative journey. Betty Aldworth, Director of Communications for MAPS, pointed out its significance: “PS2023 is more than a collection of speaker sessions and panels; it’s a gateway for exploration, understanding, and connection.” The introduction “Set the Setting” allows participants to engage with content while setting learning intentions and diving deeper into Psychedelic Science.

This immersive experience goes far beyond conference attendees, inviting patients, therapists, investors, and all members of the industry to indulge in an abundance of knowledge-sharing and community spirit. Content covers an expansive variety of subjects to ensure there’s something worthwhile here for anyone interested in expanding their understanding of psychedelics.

MAPS’ dedication to transparency and accessibility is demonstrated through their “pay what you can” policy, which ensures financial limitations don’t prevent people from seeking knowledge. MAPS has received recognition for this policy along with four-star status from Charity Navigator for being both transparent and accessible.

“PS2023: The Virtual Trip” stands as an impressive testament to information sharing and collaboration in today’s increasingly collaborative society. Available at, users have an unprecedented opportunity to experience an unforgettable journey transcending physical borders while journeying into their minds.


MAPS Launches Online Video Sessions From Psychedelic Science 2023 With Virtual Trip

PS2023: The Virtual Trip

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