Aspen, Colorado is experiencing something truly incredible as its citizens experience a remarkable revival of one of humanity’s oldest medicines – psychedelics. From May 31st-2024 Aspen’s Wheeler Opera House will host an unprecedented gathering in which ancient psychedelic wisdom meets modern science and clinical research for an incredible experience – the Aspen Psychedelic Symposium.

Organized by Aspen Public Radio, Healing Advocacy Fund and Aspen Psychedelic Resource Center – three local pioneers shaping Colorado culture today – this two-day symposium marks an historic juncture. Following Colorado’s global impact through decriminalizing psilocybin mushrooms and other entheogenic plants under Proposition 122 in 2022, Governor Jared Polis has signed landmark legislation creating an oversight framework to oversee therapeutic psychedelic initiatives across the state.

At Aspen Psychedelic Symposium, experts on the forefront of the psychedelic revival come together. From pioneering researchers like Dr. Gul Dolen to MAPS founder Rick Doblin who has played an essential role in mainstreaming psychedelic-assisted therapies, Aspen Psychedelic Symposium offers perspectives from those on its forefront.

But this symposium stands out from others by its commitment to honoring ancient lineages and cultural contexts from which these powerful medicines first emerged. A panel entitled “Psychedelics 101: Respecting Our Roots” will serve as an educational cornerstone. Speakers such as Zach Leary and Sandor Iron Rope will bring traditional Indigenous perspectives often overlooked during contemporary discussions of psychedelics.

This merging of old and new knowledge streams will be featured throughout the symposium’s varied agenda. One panel will delve deeply into ibogaine, an innovative psychoactive compound derived from West African iboga shrub – its ceremonial roots as well as potential addiction interruption treatments; another brings together voices across disciplines including law enforcement veterans and policymakers to develop best practices for psychedelic harm reduction and crisis response.

At other points in the symposium, attendees will consider the wider systemic impacts of psychedelic therapies. A session called “Psychedelic Healing and Community Empowerment” will address evolving models for equitable access in pioneering states like Oregon and Colorado; with its current social shifts caused by its revival, how can we ensure safe medicinal pathways for everyone who might most benefit?

Wheeler Opera House will serve as an iconic setting for these essential dialogues, dating back to Aspen’s rich history in 1889. Within this Mediterranean-style jewel box of a building is taking shape a new cultural narrative around psychedelics’ radical potential – one which brings together science, spirituality, sustainability, social justice and radical empathy into one cohesive narrative.

Though its exact outcomes remain to be seen, one thing is evident: Something special is in the mountain air out here. A powerful convergence of forces – activist momentum, regulatory milestones and growing acceptance of medicinal cannabis use by society – have created an interdimensional portal that needs to be traversed for lasting transformation to occur. For two days at this symposium in the mystic heart of the Rockies, diverse voices from diverse traditions and disciplines will unite their knowledge in an attempt to guide us through.

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