Exploring “Tripless” Psychedelics for Healing

Is an immersive psychedelic experience itself is required for therapeutic benefits? Or do alternative approaches such as “tripless” psychedelics could offer greater healing potential? Discovering Relief From Cluster Headaches Cluster headaches are excruciating pain that feel like hot knives being thrust into your brain. Although only 1 out of every 1000 people experience these excruciating […]

Psychedelics and The Open Mind: Investigating Correlations

Human cognition remains one of the great mysteries in science. A recent research paper in Scientific Reports v 13 entitled “Alternative Beliefs among Psychedelic Drug Users” explores this area by investigating how psychedelic drugs not only alter mental health but also shape users’ belief systems. Led by Alexander V. Lebedev and a team of distinguished […]

Breaking News: A recent MAPS study suggests that MDMA-Assisted therapy may be a promising treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

An innovative treatment for those grappling with mild to severe PTSD has been introduced. Research backed by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) indicates that using 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine-assisted therapy (MDMA-AT) can significantly diminish PTSD symptoms. This could lead to both enhanced mental well-being and decreased societal and economic impacts linked to this challenging condition. Every […]

MAPS Unveils Online Access to Psychedelic Science 2023 through “PS2023: The Virtual Trip”

MAPS, an innovative non-profit dedicated to research and education surrounding the responsible use of psychedelics and marijuana, has taken significant strides toward making transformative knowledge accessible to all with the launch of “PS2023: The Virtual Trip”. Through this innovative initiative, individuals are now able to experience all that the landmark Psychedelic Science 2023 conference – […]

Autism and Psychedelics: Exploring A Neurological Crossroads

Psychedelic substances have long been seen as controversial and unexplored areas in medical research, yet in recent years there has been renewed interest in exploring their therapeutic uses. One area of investigation includes autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which entails social communication challenges and repetitive behaviors; although research into this field remains in its infancy, early […]

MindPlace: Visualizing the Future of Psychedelic Technology

PsyTech (Psychedelic Technology), is an emerging field that brings together ancient consciousness exploration practices with modern technological tools and devices designed to accelerate personal growth and mental wellbeing. MindPlace, as one of the leaders of this burgeoning sector, has changed the face of mindful practices and consciousness exploration significantly. Psychedelic technology seeks to induce mental […]

Ketamine’s Potential in Treating Mood Disorders: Clinical Findings and Future Directions

Ketamine has garnered considerable interest as an effective and rapid antidepressant treatment option for mood disorders like major depressive disorder (MDD) and bipolar depression. This report provides an overview of its use for these purposes as well as possible future research directions and clinical applications. Mechanism of Action Ketamine’s primary mechanism of action lies in […]

Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy: Breakthroughs in Treatment-Resistant Depression

Treatment-resistant depression (TRD) is a debilitating mental health condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Characterized by a lack of response to conventional antidepressant therapies, TRD can leave individuals struggling with persistent symptoms and a reduced quality of life. In recent years, however, a promising new approach to treating TRD has emerged: psilocybin-assisted therapy. This […]

Ayahuasca and Addiction Recovery: A Novel Approach

Ayahuasca, an Amazonian plant medicine, has long been utilized by indigenous communities for its powerful healing and visionary effects. More recently, however, there has been increasing research interest into potential therapeutic uses for various mental health conditions, including addiction. This report details ayahuasca as an innovative approach for substance abuse recovery alongside scientific evidence supporting […]

Neurobiology of Psychedelics: Understanding the Mechanics of the Mind

Researchers have recently been making strides towards understanding how psychedelics influence human brain and consciousness, seeking to unravel their complex effects on these substances and human consciousness. Findings from such inquiry not only holds great promise for revolutionizing our understanding of mind and consciousness but may also inspire novel treatments for many mental health disorders. […]

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