Maria Sabina: Mazatec Mushroom Shaman who Reconciled Ancient Wisdom with Modern Times

Maria Sabina was born in Huautla de Jimenez, Oaxaca, Mexico and immediately immersed herself into the spiritual and healing traditions of her Mazatec heritage from an early age. Growing up among shamanistic practices prevalent within her community, Sabina first encountered sacred use of Psilocybe mushrooms – known locally as “ninos santos” (holy children) at an […]

The Future of Wellness: Unveiling the Wonders of Wonderland Conference

The conference known as Wonderland, taking place from November 9th to 11th, is not your typical industry gathering. It’s a visionary melding of minds and a celebration of potential, focusing on the cutting-edge realms of psychedelics, longevity, and mental health. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Florida’s bustling hub, the event promises to be a […]

Remembering Dr. Roland Griffiths: A Luminary in Psychedelic Spiritual Research

Roland Griffiths was no ordinary scientist. While most of his peers shied away from controversial psychedelic research, he saw potential. Dr. Griffiths recently passed away at age 77 of colon cancer but his work with mind-expanding substances has already advanced humanity in the treatment of personal trauma. Born in 1946 in New York City, Roland […]

Fred Tomaselli’s Psychedelic Artistry: Balancing Reality and Illusion

Contemporary art has produced some extraordinary artists whose works transcend convention, offering viewers a glimpse of something extraordinary. Fred Tomaselli stands out as an artist whose creations defy categorization, inviting us into an alternate reality where reality collides seamlessly with fantasy. We will explore Fred Tomaselli’s immense significance within contemporary art in this section. Fred […]

Blossom: A Model of Interconnected Knowledge in Psychedelic Research

The field of psychedelic research, while not entirely new, is seeing a resurgence in both interest and credibility. As researchers, medical professionals, and the general public become increasingly open to the potential benefits of psychedelics, the need for a reliable source of aggregated information becomes paramount. Blossom, with its commitment to interconnected knowledge, stands out […]

Derek Du Chesne: A Journey to Mental Health Advocacy

From captivating audiences on screen to leading vital shifts in mental health, Derek Du Chesne’s story is a testament to the power of transformation and determination. Derek Du Chesne has never been one to stay confined to a single path. Starting his career under the bright Hollywood lights, he shared the screen with legends such […]

Psytelligence Podcast with Kimberly Chew of Husch Blackwell Law

Join us as we chat with Psychedelic Lawyer Kimberly Chew, Senior Counsel, Co-leader of Psychedelics and Emerging Therapies Practice Group at law firm Husch Blackwell about: Kimberly Chew is an experienced civil litigation attorney with a background in health sciences. She guides clients in areas such as product liability, controlled substances issues, toxic tort, and […]

Saint Ketamine: The Beneficial Effects of Ketamine on Mental Health

Saint Ketamine: The Beneficial Effects of Ketamine on Mental Health – offers readers an unforgettable journey into mental health and its intersection with ketamine’s remarkable therapeutic potential. Beginning with an eye-opening prologue, readers are promised an exciting voyage that promises to reveal all its untapped advantages. The book begins by exploring the author’s personal connection […]

Psychedelics for Everyone: An Exploration into Psychedelic Therapy with Matt Zemon

Mental health treatments and medications have greatly advanced, leading to an array of solutions that have greatly increased global mental wellbeing. Yet one potential therapeutic methodology has largely been disregarded and stigmatized by much of Western society – that of psychedelics. Matt Zemon’s best-selling book “Psychedelics for Everyone” takes us on an exploration into consciousness-altering […]

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