The conference known as Wonderland, taking place from November 9th to 11th, is not your typical industry gathering. It’s a visionary melding of minds and a celebration of potential, focusing on the cutting-edge realms of psychedelics, longevity, and mental health. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Florida’s bustling hub, the event promises to be a mecca for those at the forefront of wellness and science.

Wonderland emerges as an oasis of innovation, offering attendees an opportunity to learn from experts who are pioneering new frontiers in health and science. The conference brings together world-renowned speakers, including Dr. Rafid Fadul, Chief Medical Advisor at Cenegenics, and Bryan Johnson, Founder & CEO of Blueprint, Kernel, and OS Fund.

With over 250 speakers, the event offers an array of talks that promise to illuminate and challenge the way we think about wellness. From discussions on the transformative power of psychedelics to explorations of longevity and the future of mental health treatments, Wonderland serves as a beacon of knowledge. It’s not just a place to listen, but to actively participate in workshops that cater to professional development with select sessions offering CE accreditation.

The Wonderland experience extends beyond lectures and workshops. It fosters connection and community through wellness activities such as yoga and breathwork sessions, and opens the door to networking with industry trendsetters and decision-makers. And as the sun sets, the event transforms into a playground for the senses with nightlife activities, including an official after party and Miami Psychedelic Week celebrations.

Exhibitors from a wide range of sectors—such as, Shroomy Forager, and Cannectd Wellness—will be showcasing their innovations, and sponsors like Multiverse and Longr will be contributing to the event’s dynamism. Engaging activities such as a silent auction, a hidden experience hunt, and a comedy show by Shane Mauss promise to make the conference an unforgettable journey.

Beyond entertainment and networking, Wonderland is also an event with a heart. A portion of the ticket sales goes to nonprofit organizations, reflecting a commitment to making a positive impact on the community.

For those looking to immerse themselves fully in the experience, the conference has negotiated a significant discount with the Miami Hilton Downtown, but with hotel rooms booking fast, immediate action is advised.

Wonderland is not just about the three days in November; it’s about what those days represent—a stepping stone to the future of wellness, a catalyst for change in mental health, and a celebration of the boundless possibilities that science and community can co-create. So, whether you’re a professional in the field, an enthusiast of the psychedelic renaissance, or simply someone curious about the future of health and well-being, Wonderland is the destination where exploration meets inspiration.

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