Psychedelics Design: Exploring the Intersection of Consciousness and Creativity

At its core, Psychedelics Design is a platform that investigates the potential of psychedelics through the lens of design. It serves as a space for creatives, psychedelic enthusiasts, and forward-thinking companies to connect, inspire, and grow. By bridging art, science, design, and engineering, the project aims to explore how psychedelics can benefit people, society, and […]

mychedelica: Revolutionizing psychedelic medicine through medical communication

In the face of a mounting global mental health crisis, mychedelica emerges as a pioneering force in the field of psychiatric support, specializing in expert medical communications. Departing from conventional paradigms, mychedelica connects the potential of scientifically endorsed psychedelic medicines with medical communication services to offer progressive solutions.  Central to mychedelica’s ethos is a dedication […]

The Sage Collective: Reimagining Healthcare Through Purpose-Driven Consulting Services

As healthcare is rapidly transforming, innovation and purpose are of utmost importance. Enter The Sage Collective, a groundbreaking consulting firm with one goal in mind: to integrate psychedelic-assisted therapy into our current healthcare ecosystem while still providing safe and affordable care to all. Led by visionary Jessica Tracy, The Sage Collective stands as a unique […]

Universal Ibogaine’s Promising Approach to Global Addiction Treatment

Universal Ibogaine Inc. (UI) represents an innovative breakthrough in addiction treatment, particularly those affected by opioid use disorders, through their pioneering use of Ibogaine. Derived from the iboga tree, this substance could prove pivotal in breaking dependency cycles through its unique medicinal properties. Historical Context of IbogaineThe journey that ibogaine has taken from ancient African […]

Atai Life Sciences Takes Strategic Leap – Expanding into Short-Duration Psychedelics With Beckley Psytech Investment

Atai Life Sciences is making waves in the psychedelic therapeutics space with their announcement of a major investment into Beckley Psytech, set to accelerate clinical development of two innovative short-acting compounds: BPL-003 (5 MeO DMT intranasal spray and ELE-101 intravenous spray psilocin injection). This investment not only strengthens atai’s diverse portfolio of psychedelic candidates but […]

Enthea: Pioneering Psychedelic Therapy in Workplace Healthcare

Enthea, a pioneering third-party administrator (TPA) of health insurance plans, has positioned itself as a key player in the evolving landscape of mental healthcare in the workplace, particularly through its innovative approach to Ketamine-Assisted Therapy (KAT). This comprehensive analysis delves into Enthea’s strategic market positioning, its unique business model, and the broader impact it’s making […]

Akamai Synthesis Design: Navigating New Horizons in Healthcare

Akamai Synthesis Design (ASD) represents a notable presence in the healthcare consulting landscape. Based in Hawaii, the firm extends its services primarily to businesses in Hawaii and the West Coast, focusing on enhancing scope and scale. Specializing in business development, strategy, and growth, ASD emphasizes the creation of systems that promote expansion and efficiency in […]

Psychedelic Market Trends from 2023

Recently, we have witnessed remarkable expansion and development within the psychedelic drug market, with several notable trends emerging during 2023: Market Growth: Between 2022-2023, the global psychedelic therapy market experienced a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.9%. This upward swing is expected to continue and reach $8.31 billion by 2027. Substances used include Psilocybin, […]

Sam Mandel and Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles – Revolutionizing Mental Health Treatment

Los Angeles, known for its vibrant culture and forward-thinking initiatives, is also a leader in mental healthcare. Ketamine therapy has emerged as an innovative treatment approach; leading this revolution in Los Angeles is Ketamine Clinics Los Angeles (KCLA) under Cofounder and CEO Sam Mandel’s oversight. Sam Mandel is widely respected for his in-depth understanding of […]

Millennials, Psychedelics and Mental Health: A Generational and Cultural Shift

As the mental health conversation has broadened, an unexpected yet notable development has emerged: an interest among millennials to utilize psychedelics for mental health treatment, in contrast to older generations. This trend could be explained by shifts in cultural attitudes, legislative environments and technological platforms affecting younger generations’ approach towards alternative medicines for treating mental […]

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