Akamai Synthesis Design (ASD) represents a notable presence in the healthcare consulting landscape. Based in Hawaii, the firm extends its services primarily to businesses in Hawaii and the West Coast, focusing on enhancing scope and scale. Specializing in business development, strategy, and growth, ASD emphasizes the creation of systems that promote expansion and efficiency in healthcare organizations​​​​.


Expertise in Healthcare Consulting: ASD’s expertise is multi-faceted, encompassing various aspects of healthcare consulting. Their services are designed to address a range of business challenges, develop growth initiatives, and launch projects tailored to specific business needs.

Strategic Planning: ASD provides comprehensive strategic planning services, including annual and 3-year planning, M&A integrations planning, and playbook development, aimed at guiding organizations through growth and quality enhancement​​.

Organizational Assessments: The firm offers detailed assessments in areas such as organization, acquisitions/mergers, market, competition, vision/culture, value propositions, financials, and contracts/funders. These assessments form the foundation of their consultative process, helping to identify areas of focus and improvement​​.

Operational Leadership and Business Development: ASD’s execution services include business development, operational leadership, community outreach, sales, project management, and strategic partnerships. These services are crucial in reaching performance goals and maintaining operational excellence​​.

Continuous Improvement and Compliance: The firm also focuses on continuous improvement through services like audit and compliance tracking, M&A due diligence, KPI review, financial review, and process improvement. They offer partnerships for strategy, growth, and development at the executive level​​.


Jeffrey Krepps, the founder and principal consultant at ASD, brings over two decades of experience in healthcare. His expertise lies in strategic planning, operational leadership, and vision development. Krepps’ experience spans national and international markets, demonstrating a global understanding of healthcare growth functions​​.

Gosia Krepps, the managing director, combines her financial services background with clinical skills as a licensed mental health therapist. Her expertise in financial management, process engineering, and operational troubleshooting adds a unique dimension to ASD’s capabilities​​.

Market Impact and Positioning

ASD Consulting Group is poised to become a significant player in the healthcare consulting market on both the West Coast and Hawaii, particularly through their client-oriented service offering and comprehensive client care model. ASD excels at meeting the unique demands of healthcare organizations seeking strategic growth and operational excellence – and their client-centric approach and comprehensive services make them an excellent partner to partner with in achieving those objectives.

Future Prospects

In a healthcare industry characterized by rapid change and increasing complexity, ASD’s services are likely to be in growing demand. Their expertise in strategic planning, organizational assessments, and operational leadership positions them well to meet the evolving needs of healthcare organizations.


Akamai Synthesis Design offers a blend of strategic insight, operational expertise, and a comprehensive suite of services that make them a valuable partner in the healthcare consulting field. Their focus on creating scalable and efficient systems, combined with their leadership’s expertise, positions them as an influential player in shaping healthcare organizations’ futures – stay tuned.

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