The psychedelic industry is experiencing a remarkable renaissance, with renewed interest in their therapeutic potential for mental health disorders. Visionary entrepreneurs are at the forefront of this movement and leading startups that are revolutionizing this industry through novel research and therapies as well as commitments to transform mental healthcare delivery systems. This report recognizes five prominent founders of psychedelic startups who are helping shape its future development.

Rick Doblin – founder of MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies).
Rick Doblin, an award-winning Harvard researcher, founded MAPS in 1986 to foster scientific research and education about psychedelic substances and their benefits for society. Under Doblin’s direction, MAPS has played a critical role in expanding understanding of psychedelics as potential therapy options, particularly within posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) settings. Through tireless advocacy for research psychedelic research by Doblin himself – including breaking down barriers that prevented accessing informed mental health treatment options – MAPS has provided vital research opportunities and education initiatives on its mission since its establishment.

JR Rahn, an accomplished tech entrepreneur, co-founded MindMed in 2019 to develop next-generation medicines inspired by psychedelic substances. MindMed focuses on treating mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and addiction with clinical trials for LSD, psilocybin, MDMA and ibogaine in its research pipeline – but Rahn aims to reach beyond traditional psychoactives by creating non-hallucinogenic versions that could reach wider patient populations.

Florian Brand co-founded and is CEO of ATAI Life Sciences with the intent to transform mental health care by developing innovative treatments for mental disorders. Since its launch, ATAI has amassed an array of psychedelic and nonpsychedelic compounds, working alongside various companies and academic institutions to further its research pipeline. Under Brand’s direction, ATAI is exploring novel drug delivery systems and digital therapeutics in order to optimize treatment outcomes; showing its forward thinking approach towards mental health treatment.

George Goldsmith co-founded Compass Pathways in 2016 after experiencing firsthand the limitations of conventional mental health treatments. Compass Pathways’ primary goal is developing psilocybin-based therapies for treatment-resistant depression; their lead compound COMP360, is in Phase 2b clinical trials currently. Compass Pathways’ dedication to integrating therapy and pharmaceutical interventions led them to develop their proprietary psychotherapy model to accompany their psychedelic treatments – emphasizing holistic care as part of psychedelic treatments.

The founders of psychedelic startups like Rick Doblin, JR Rahn, Florian Brand, George Goldsmith and are disrupting the industry by dismantling barriers, pushing research limits forward, and leading to innovative therapies.

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