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Qualification Preferences in Psychedelic Therapy

With responses from 50 individuals in the US representative of the general population, the Psychedelic Therapy Public Opinion Survey offers valuable insight into which qualifications potential clients consider essential in finding an experienced psychedelic therapist and which forms of information they desire from him or her.

Essential Qualifications of Psychedelic Therapists

Years of Practice and Specialized Training:

Many respondents (around 60% of n=50) valued years of practice and specific education within psychedelic therapy as one of their top requirements, suggesting clients preferring therapists with not only medical knowledge, but also an in-depth knowledge of psychedelic therapies’ nuances.

Personal Experience With Psychedelics:

About 50% of n=50 respondents place great significance on personal experience with psychedelics as it may contribute to greater empathy and understanding from therapists.

Prior to Undergoing Therapy:

More Than 70% of respondents prefer receiving detailed information before engaging in psychedelic therapy

About 70% of Respondents indicate a preference for receiving comprehensive information about the process, risks and benefits as well as success stories prior to entering psychoactive drug treatment.

Legal Aspects: Nearly 50% of our respondents indicated the importance of legal aspects in psychedelic therapy as important considerations, reflecting an urge towards transparency as well as clear understanding of legal considerations involved with it.

The survey results underscored the significance of specific qualifications in psychedelic therapists, including years of practice, specialized training, and personal experience with psychedelics. Prospective clients expressed strong preference for receiving detailed information regarding treatment pertaining to legal and cost considerations; service providers must be mindful of such client preferences to better meet client needs and expectations.

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