We want to share a journey that deeply impacts our founder, Eric Shumake.

Eric has battled treatment-resistant depression his whole life, a challenge that intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic. When traditional treatments failed to bring relief, Eric turned to psychedelic therapy, which not only provided him profound solace but also reshaped his understanding of healing.

This personal revolution inspired Eric to establish Psytelligence, initially aimed at serving investors. However, over the past year, we’ve realized that the core of real change lies with the psychedelic therapists themselves. We’re now pivoting to support these therapists directly, providing insights into legal, financial, operational, and marketing challenges to help them focus on transformative patient care.

Despite the professional stigma, Psytelligence, guided by Eric’s vision, is stepping out of the psychedelic closet to advocate for this powerful healing modality. We are aware that even the term “psychedelic” is disfavored by the LinkedIn algorithm, but we are on a mission to change this narrative.

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