Today is Bicycle Day and on the anniversary of Albert Hofmann’s pioneering LSD trip, today is also a great time to highlight a key resources within the psychedelic community: the Tricycle Day newsletter. With over 45,000 subscribers – it provides comprehensive research updates, policy analyses and business insight in less than 10 minutes each week!

What Sets Tricycle Day Apart?

  1. Diverse Content: Each issue of Tricycle Day provides an in-depth look at various aspects of psychedelic space, from the latest scientific breakthroughs or changes in drug policy to business landscapes, Tricycle Day provides essential news and insights directly to its readers.
  2. Engaging Interviews: The “Psychonaut POV” section features captivating interviews with industry professionals and thought leaders, from medicine women to harm reduction specialists, and scientific innovators. These engaging discussions offer invaluable perspectives that deepen readers’ knowledge of psychedelics.
  3. Timely Updates: On important issues like psychedelic therapy legalization or FDA breakthrough therapy designations, Tricycle Day keeps its readers informed with timely and relevant updates. This is crucial for anyone involved in or following the advancements in the psychedelic sector.
  4. Friendly Approach: With an engaging mix of in-depth analysis and spicy memes, the newsletter is designed to be both informative and enjoyable, making complex topics accessible and entertaining.

Supported by Let Go Studio, Tricycle Day emphasizes community engagement and education, aligning with the newsletter’s goal to foster a well-informed and interconnected psychedelic community.

How to Subscribe
Joining the Tricycle Day community is easy. Interested Psytelligence readers can subscribe directly through the website, ensuring they stay updated with the most relevant and impactful news in the world of psychedelics, all in the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee.

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