MAPS PBC is now Lykos Therapeutics

San Jose, Calif. – On January 5, 2024, MAPS Public Benefit Corporation – now Lykos Therapeutics – an industry pioneer in mental healthcare innovation, celebrated an oversubscribed Series A financing round which raised over $100 million. Led by Helena and backed by multiple mission-align investors and institutional partners, this breakthrough marks a pivotal shift for […]

The Rise of “Better U” in the Expanding U.S. Ketamine Clinics Market

As the U.S. grapples with a mounting mental health crisis, innovative treatment methods like ketamine therapy have emerged as beacons of hope. Among the key players in this evolving landscape is Better U, a company that has carved a niche in the realm of online ketamine therapy, offering a unique blend of psychedelic medicine, digital […]

Healing Global Trauma: The Potential of Psychedelics in Ending War

In today’s world of conflict and strife, unconventional strategies for ending wars must be pursued with great urgency. This article investigates whether using psychedelics – substances known for altering consciousness – as tools for peacemaking could offer unique contributions towards ending conflicts by cultivating empathy, advocating peaceful advocacy efforts, or treating mental health issues associated […]

Integrating Indigenous Ethics Into Psychedelic Studies: A Path towards Reciprocity and Respect

Recent years have witnessed an explosion of interest in psychedelic research and therapy, particularly the therapeutic potential of substances such as psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca, and iboga. Western science has enthusiastically adopted these substances; yet Western scientists must also remember the Indigenous voices within this burgeoning field and respect Indigenous traditions and knowledge systems when considering […]

Marketing and Psychedelics: Moving Beyond Stereotypes

Marketing and psychedelics have each experienced a sometimes unfavorable reputation in our society. Marketing may be seen as using manipulative tactics to create value for its consumers, while psychedelics remain mysterious due to their controversial nature. Yet upon closer examination both can bring great benefits for society; and when combined together present even greater promise. […]

Embracing PsyTech: A UX-Centric Perspective

In the world of Psychedelic Technology (PsyTech), the confluence of human consciousness and technological advancements has kickstarted a revolution, changing the way we approach therapy and personal development. This promises to unearth profound potential, but to truly harness the power of this burgeoning field, User Experience (UX) Design & Research becomes paramount. UX design and […]

Is the Buzz Around Psychedelic Healthcare Fading Fast?

Recently, the healthcare sector was abuzz with excitement over the potential of using psychedelic substances to treat mental health conditions. Tiffany Kary and Bloomberg, writing for Fortune magazine, noted how this industry had been inspired by Michael Pollan’s 2018 book “How to Change Your Mind,” along with their changing legal statuses such as LSD, psilocybin […]

Hybrid Clinics: Advancing Remote and In-Person Psychedelic Therapy

As our world continues to adjust to life after a global pandemic, hybrid clinics are making waves in healthcare. These unique healthcare facilities combine traditional in-person consultations with convenient telemedicine access – while some pioneer new frontiers in mental health by including psychedelic therapy as part of their services. Psychedelic therapy was once seen with […]

Plant Medicine Vs Synthetic Compounds for Psychedelic Treatments

The recent surge of interest in psychedelic research has opened a heated debate regarding plant-based medicines versus synthetic compounds as treatments for mental health disorders. Both approaches present unique advantages and challenges; proponents from either camp arguing their preferred method. This article will highlight key distinctions between plant medicine and synthetic compounds while offering insights […]

Microdosing’s Impact on Psychedelic Landscape

The psychedelic landscape has seen dramatic change over time, as microdosing has taken center stage within alternative therapies and personal development circles. Microdosing differs significantly from mind-altering experiences typically associated with psychedelics by consuming small doses that produce subtle yet potentially potency effects – this article explores microdosing’s rise, its benefits, and how it is […]

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