An Interactive Online Event for Psychedelic Therapy Professionals

Psytelligence invites you to our “Psytelligence Summit 2024: Ask the Experts”, a focused 90-minute online event that brings together leading professionals in the field of psychedelic therapy. This summit is designed to delve into the crucial areas that shape the success of your practice, providing you with expert insights and actionable advice.

Deep Dive into Essential Topics with Industry Experts:

Psytelligence Summit: Engage, Learn, and Grow

Join us as we explore in-depth content across several key areas essential to psychedelic therapy professionals. Our experts will provide comprehensive overviews, up-to-date information, and strategies you can immediately implement.

Session Highlights:

      • Regulatory Compliance and Legal Challenges: Gain clarity on the latest regulations affecting psychedelic therapy and learn how to navigate these complexities to maintain compliance and protect your practice.

      • Advanced Financial Management Techniques: Discover financial strategies that can help stabilize and grow your practice’s revenue. Learn about effective budgeting, financial planning, and risk management tailored specifically for the unique financial landscape of psychedelic therapy.

      • Insurance and Risk Mitigation: Understand the intricacies of insurance for psychedelic therapy, including how to choose the right coverage that meets the specific needs of your practice and reduces potential liabilities.

      • Innovative Marketing Approaches: Learn how to effectively promote your services and connect with your target audience. Get insights into digital marketing, brand building, and patient engagement strategies that will help expand your reach and impact.

      • Live Q&A Sessions: Each segment features a live Q&A where you can ask our experts your most pressing questions, ensuring you leave with solutions that are tailored to your situation.

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    When: June 21 – 10amPT/1pmET – 11:30amPT/2:30pmET

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