Jeffrey Krepps is a seasoned mental health therapist and finance expert with over 20 years of experience in developing healthcare organizations. As Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Advaya Health and Wellness, Jeffrey has played a pivotal role in creating financial strategies that ensure the sustainability and growth of healthcare practices, particularly those specializing in psychedelic therapy.

Jeffrey’s expertise in organizational design and leadership has been honed through his work with multiple organizations in the behavioral healthcare space. He has held senior leadership roles and served as a consultant, providing strategic and operational guidance. His extensive experience includes national, regional, and statewide capacities, reflecting his deep understanding of the healthcare industry.

At Advaya Health and Wellness, Jeffrey focuses on providing strategic financial guidance to healthcare practitioners. He develops cost management strategies that help new practices navigate financial challenges and ensure their viability. His expertise in cash flow management and financial sustainability is critical for practices integrating psychedelic therapies into their services.

Jeffrey takes pride in building strong teams and engaging in community service. He has served on various nonprofit boards and governmental committees, demonstrating his commitment to improving healthcare systems and supporting community well-being. His personal experiences with mental health and psychedelic therapies have profoundly influenced his professional path. These experiences have connected him to cosmic consciousness and helped him overcome childhood insecurities and the trauma of being a suicide survivor.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Jeffrey has called Hawai’i home for the past 21 years. He lives on the Big Island, where he embraces the local saying, “Big Island mo’ bettah.” His personal mission is to maximize global indicators of wellness and actuate human potential, both personally and collectively. In his free time, Jeffrey engages in gardening, farming, hiking, and other plant-based cognitive-emotional excursions, deepening his understanding of plant consciousness.

Jeffrey’s contributions to healthcare finance are significant and far-reaching. His work at Advaya Health and Wellness has established the company as a leader in the industry and paved the way for the broader acceptance and integration of psychedelic therapies into mainstream healthcare. His vision and leadership continue to inspire those around him, making him a pivotal figure in the field of healthcare finance

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